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Lars Larson Northwest Podcast

Oct 31, 2018

Dan Mitchell from Sporting Systems Nigel Jaquiss is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for Willamette Week Joe Gilliam is President of the Northwest Grocery Association Todd Meyers is the Director of the Center For The Environment At The Washington Policy Center

Oct 30, 2018

Brenda Meade is the chairperson of the Coquille Indian Tribe Hogan Gidley is the White House Deputy Press Secretary Michael Anton is a politics lecturer and research fellow at Hillsdale College's Kirby Center and former National Security Council advisor for President Trump

Oct 29, 2018

Michael Miscoe is the CEO of Lilly’s Hummus Susan Hutchison is an Emmy-award-winning TV news journalist, Chairwoman of the Washington state GOP and Republican Candidate for US Senator for Washington state

Oct 26, 2018

Ann McElhinney is a NYTimes bestselling author, investigative journalist and producer of the film Gosnell Loretta Smith is Multnomah County commissioner, running for Portland City Council against Jo Ann Hardesty

Oct 25, 2018

Bernie Giusto is a retired Multnomah County Sheriff